Friday, November 24, 2006

Zero Sum #1

Here's Zero Sum #1, drawn in pencil and pen on its anti-defamation paper, ready for shipping, securely held in place on chipboard by Ziggy stickers, ready to be tucked in its jaunty yellow envelope.

For all of the details, a better view of the drawing, and to jump right in to the project, visit the auction for Zero Sum #1.

The opening bid was set at $1.77, which includes the insertion fee of .35, the gallery fee of .35, the cost of first class postage at .63, a projected paypal fee of .34, and a final value fee of .10. As of this writing, the bidding is up to $6.07, which will mean a raise in the final value fee and paypal fee, but will leave a profit to be spent. Will the Zero Sum Art Project splurge on nicer shipping materials - thicker chipboard, a roll of tape, some mailing envelopes, perhaps? or will we go straight to improving the art itself, with some nice archival drawing paper, for instance? Stay tuned. . .


At 7:13 PM, Blogger revrom said...

Zero Sun #1 arrived safe and sound.To much of a historic Marc Snyder work of art to frame. It will stay in it's original envelope. Preserved for posterity. But on occasion it will see the light of day. Perhaps it will be a focal point if and when there is a West Coast showing of Marc's Art. Once again Marc's creativity has Blessed the Universe.


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