Sunday, November 26, 2006

Zero Sum #2

Zero Sum #2, front, ink on cardstock.

Zero Sum #2, back, reproduction of Winslow Homer's "The Fog Warning"

The pen and pencil drawing is a portrait of Robert Foulis, inventor of the steam-powered foghorn in 1853. It's just possible that the fisherman Homer painted in 1885 is listening to a Foulis foghorn.

Since Zero Sum #2 was made before the successful completion of the Zero Sum #1 auction, I had to once again use scrounged materials. As it looks like #1 will make a profit, odds are #3 will be made with slightly more extravagant supplies, as the goal is to always keep the Zero Sum Studio teetering at a zero balance. Gotta spend that income!


At 6:43 PM, Blogger revrom said...

Ships ahoy! I hear the crashing of the waves upon the shore.The sea sirens sing their shanties. But I sit here holding in my hand Robert Foulis. (Zero Art#2) Knowing and trusting that his steam foghorn from 1853 will Guide,Guard and Protect me from all unknown dangers.


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