Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Studio Contents, Part 6, and a project threatening balance!

After the very successful completion of the sale of Zero Sum #5, the ZSAP studio purchased a set of stencils, and ordered a bunch of printmaking supplies, with the idea that the next few images will probably combine printed and drawn and painted and collaged areas, continuing in the direction of the past few drawing/paintings. Well, the bill for the printmaking supplies came today, and the UPS portion was a whopping $24.95, which left the Zero Sum account at -$8.39! (all of the details can be found on the Zero Sum Art ebay me page.)

So. . .

We've got two weeks to get that closer to Zero, or the project collapses!

Zero Sum #6 (see below) will go on auction tomorrow night, and will run for ten days, and we'll just see if we're still in business after that.

Anyway, the following items have been added to the Zero Sum Studio:

a set of number and letter stencils
a 6" brayer
a tube of oil base block printing ink
a linocut cutter and gouges
a baren
and a 24" x 36" sheet of linoleum.


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