Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Studio Contents, Part 4

With the successful conclusion of Zero Sum #3, the ZSAP studio had some income to get rid of. So the following items have been added:

a tube of Titanium White acrylic paint
a tube of Ivory Black acrylic paint
a tube of Cadmium Red acrylic paint
a tube of Ultramarine Blue acrylic paint
a White Nylon Bright #8 brush
a White Nylon Round #6 brush
2 General's 6B charcoal pencils
a 22" x 30" sheet of BFK Rives White paper
a small bottle of Sobo white glue.

So, you might be able to guess that Zero Sum #5 will be a painting (or, at least, a mixed-media drawing). And the palette will be a slightly limited one. Yellow's way over-rated anyway. Who needs all three primary colors? Not this artist!

I'll soon be putting up an archive of images, studio contents, and running totals on the FIMP website, to accompany this play-by-play blog and the eBay "me" page.

And, just so you can tell everyone around the watercooler when you're talking about ZSAP at work, the current balance is -1.02.


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