Monday, April 30, 2007

Zero Sum #13 in the works

Well, #13 is coming right along. If you scroll down the blog a bit, you'll notice that this is a close relative of #11 and #12 - the monkey skull is still having its moment in the spotlight. But there's one major change - #13 incorporates intaglio. The sale of #12 produced quite a little windfall in the Zero Sum accounts - $200 - and most of that went to paying for time at the etching studio at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. So for the foreseeable future I'll have access to all kinds of nasty chemicals to make etchings. Of course, editioning prints will add another layer of complexity to pricing the ZSAP artworks, but this is all about seeing how convoluted things can become while following a few simple rules. That and seeing how much odd junk I can fit into my studio. The cheesy plastic astronauts are new. . .

And as far as the ZSAP accounts go, I'm happy to report that the current balance is 46 cents - just about perfect.


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