Monday, September 10, 2007

Zero Sum #21

Zero Sum #21
intaglio and chine-colle
8" x 10" image

So here's Zero Sum #21. Another editioned print, in another tiny edition of 2. #1 of 2 is being sold now, and #2 of 2 will be sold during the Blogger Show.

As I describe in the auction listing, I'm really excited about this piece, as it brings together elements that I have gathered over the course of the entire project to date. The still life objects in the image include the head of a quail purchased after the sale of Zero Sum #6, a little plastic astronaut from Zero Sum #11, and a globe bank from #16. The box that they were photographed in was built with the proceeds from Zero Sum #16 and #18. The solarplate used to create the intaglio plate from the photograph comes from #13, and the mulberry paper and archival rice starch adhesive for the chine-colle were purchased just after the last sale, of #20. So Zero Sum #21 really takes advantage of materials and imagery that have been developing for the last eight months or so.

I'm going to have to talk about that box one of these days - I'm really excited about it too. It made its first appearance in one of my Fiji Island Mermaid Press books-of-the-month, before it started appearing in the Zero Sum imagery. I'm interested in the way it echoes the theater and puppet shows. It reminds me of the black box, the camera-obscura. It serves as the pedestal that displaces the little objects I'm collecting from the real world and declares them to be "still-life". It's a good box.

Zero Sum #21 also takes advantage of a new technique for me - it's my first use of solarplate, a relatively non-toxic way to do photoetching. The last time I used photoetching it was about the most dangerous stuff you could do in the printshop, so this is a nice return to photography for me.

So, check out the auction for a bigger picture of #21, check out the Zero Sum Art Gallery on FIMP to see all of the previous ZSAP artwork, and watch this blog for updates as we get closer to the bid Zero Sum Exhibition in Pittsburgh and New York and online in November.


At 4:14 AM, Blogger Judith Hoffman said...

Marc, I love this one. Very mysterious and mythical looking. Have you seen any Shadow Light productions? It's very nice shadow puppet theater, in some cases done with live actors, instead of the traditional puppets. They have some shorts on youtube.


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