Friday, November 02, 2007

Zero Sum #26

Zero Sum #26
cyanotype and acrylic

Here's Zero Sum #26, essentially a painting on top of a cyanotype base. I love the ghostly blue of the dangling plane - it reminds me of the odd blue glow one sees from the street when people inside are watching television. . .

the "raw" cyanotype for Zero Sum #26

This is the first image in the Zero Sum portfolio that was pulled from a bunch of cyanotypes that I made with the help of Justin Kasulka. I worked up a bunch of transparencies of images that were either photographed from the Zero Sum box and odd object collection or collaged on the scanner, and then shipped them down to Texas, where Justin worked his magic with chemicals and exposures and made the cyanotypes, printing them on my favorite heavy printmaking paper. In terms of the project, it was a nice challenge to buy the chemicals and paper and pay for his time over the course of several Zero Sum sales earlier in the year.

This piece will be sold during the Blogger Show. It will be on display at the Digging Pitt Gallery here in Pittsburgh during the week that it is up for auction on eBay. Once it is sold, it will be replaced in the show by the next piece for sale. Every day of the exhibition that the gallery is open will have a corresponding auction ending. It will be a nutty rotation of artwork over the 2 month run of the exhibition. We'll see if I'm conscious when it's all over.

Tomorrow night is the opening of the New York City component of the Blogger Show. My contribution to that part of the exhibition is Zero Sum #24, which will be sold after the NYC show comes down.

Zero Sum #25 is the last piece that will be auctioned on eBay prior to the Blogger Show. Once the Blogger Show gets going, you'll notice a new expense in the pricing of the work - the 30% gallery commission!

Things will get fast and furious towards the end of next week - stay tuned!


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