Friday, June 22, 2007

Zero Sum #17

Here's Zero Sum #17, which is entering the flat files to join the other ZSAP artworks being held for an upcoming exhibition of the Zero Sum Art Project. You can see all of the artworks in the project to date by visiting the ZSAP gallery at the Fiji Island Mermaid Press.

This exhibition, which will open in November, is already creating some interesting logistical difficulties. I need to balance new pieces that I sell immediately to keep the project rolling forward with pieces that get set aside for the show. Framing supplies, and other exhibition related expenses, will have to be spread out over the next few months in order to get the artwork on the gallery walls. And of course, no income is actually guaranteed between now and then, so planning has to be completely contingent on sales. Add to that the inability to "bank" money, according to the "spend it in two weeks" rule, and you have a fairly absurd situation on your hands. But hey, that keeps the wheels turning, doesn't it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

dangling eyes and getting to zero

Here's the first little hint of Zero Sum #17, featuring a few glass eyes attached to wires, dangling in space. The taxidermy eyeballs first showed up in Zero Sum #15 (scroll down) as bit players in that lunar drama, so I thought I'd give them their moment in the spotlight with this image.

I recently asked the Fiji Island Mermaid Press' Philosopher in Residence Paul Moriarty to take a look at the Zero Sum Art Project and offer his feedback. Amongst his numerous useful and insightful comments was the observation that from day one of the project to the present, ZSAP has never once had a balance of zero. Paul pointed out that having the statement "The target balance at all times is Zero" in the rules for the project should compel me to make a better effort at reaching that goal.

Jasper Johns, Target, 1958

I must admit, I'd been thinking of my target balance as more in the model of an archery target, with the bullseye being zero, but with the project continuing as long as I kept hitting the target itself. Personally, I think the current balance of negative $14.37 is more exciting than zero, because it makes the success of the auction for Zero Sum #16 vital to the survival of the project.

BUT. . . Paul has a point. So, after Zero Sum #16 sells, I will make a real effort to actually reach a zero balance. So how can I use gumballs in Zero Sum #18?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Zero Sum #16

Here's Zero Sum #16, a nine-ish inch square mix of intaglio, paint, an old stamp and an old postcard. How to Draw Birds! The Spirit of St. Louis! Notre-Dame! A lot of paint!

You can see a slightly larger image, a few details, and find out why the opening bid is only $11.53, by visiting the Zero Sum #16 ebay auction.

Zero Sum #15

Here's Zero Sum #15, which you saw coming a couple of posts ago. This one will go in the flat files for the Zero Sum Art Project exhibition that will happen in November. Stay tuned for more details on that front!

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